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dotakla sam dno zivota

mozda je ovo dno! mozda je vrh!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Make Better Small Talk by Aiming for Nice, Not Brilliant

Not everyone is good at making small talk, which is why you have tips like the five stage outline to make things easier. But instead of overreaching and trying to come across as smart, it's better to try and come across as nice, suggests psychology professor and shyness expert Bernardo J. Carducci. People think you need to be really funny, witty; you just have to be nice. It sounds trite. You have to be willing to talk to others. One of the ways to do that, Carducci suggests, is to find someone someone who's alone, such as at a party or at school, and begin a conversation. It's one of the proven ways to know how to work a room. Another thing to keep in mind is to not be late. It's difficult to get into groups that have already formed, Carducci says. And then do the nice thing and bring other people into the conversation. If you get there on time, you're greeting people and pacing the conversation. You bring the new people into the conversation — "I'm so and so, and this is A, B and C., and we were just talking about…" The full post has lots of other cool tips and tricks which you should check out.

Imagus is a Hover Zoom Replacement to Enlarge Images on Mouseover

Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari/Maxthon: Hover Zoom, the tool that previews full-size images when you hover your mouse on a thumbnail, has recently been embroiled in controversy with issues of malware and privacy. It's best to play it safe in such aspects and Imagus is a worthy replacement for the same functionality. Plus, it works on several browsers and across most popular websites. Zoomable objects are marked with a customizable outline. Every aspect of how the zoomed image will look can be tweaked to your liking. And most importantly, when you don't want it, you can disable the function for a single image or the whole session with customizable hotkeys. Imagus also includes a lot of other customizations for images in your browser. It replaces the default image viewer and you can set the size that an image will be displayed (such as fit to width), zoom with the mouse wheel, change the page background colors, and more. Play around with the Settings menu and you'll discover that almost every aspect of Imagus can be customized to your liking.

Shifu Reminds You of Tasks by Time, People, Location or Network

Android: Android has plenty of great to-do apps, but Shifu might just be the smartest one I have seen yet. The app lets you set reminders and tasks based on people, time, location and network, giving context to your to-do list. When you are setting a new task in Shifu, you can choose from the aforementioned four criteria. You will then get options based on what you picked. For example, in network, you will be asked to choose Wi-Fi or 3G, and add a reminder message for that. In people, you can write a message to yourself which will flash the next time a person from your contact list calls you—yup, Shifu syncs with your address book. Time is perhaps the most intriguing of the settings. For any task, you can set a certain time limit. When you find yourself with some free time, fire up Shifu and use the dial to say how much time you have. Shifu will list out the tasks you can complete in that period. It's pretty cool! Perhaps what was most impressive about Shifu is that it just works. Often, such to-do apps will be broken in many parts, but not Shifu. Every task I tried, it pulled it off flawlessly—in fact, this is the best "reminder on call" app I've used, since it even gives you a follow-up after the call to mark the item as done or set a reminder for it again. It's the little things...

The Best Uses for Android Home Screen Shortcuts

Home screen shortcuts on Android are as awesome as they are underrated. Rather than scrolling through giant lists or digging through apps, you can find the exact info you need directly from the home screen. Here are some of the best shortcuts. Depending on your phone, home screen shortcuts may be a separate entity or they may be included in the widgets menu (which can also be useful). Our own favorite home screen shortcuts will be listed below, but many apps add additional shortcuts, so you may have your own that we don't know about.

Workout Tracker Bodbot Adds Nutrition Suggestions and Food Tracking

Android/iOS/WP: Previously mentioned workout app BodBot already offers personalized workout plans based on your fitness goals, and today they've updated the platform to help you track your diet, carloies, and nutrition as well as your exercise habits. The new BodBot will help you track your food intake towards a daily caloric goal, and it'll suggest foods to you to help you get the right nutrients based on the type of goals you have. For example, the app will suggest egg whites, flank steak, or salmon to help you get to your daily protein targets, and foods like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage to help you get to multiple goals for vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, and so on. Additionally, the app's food database makes it easy to search for the foods you're eating and add them to your daily food diary. Since we know that keeping a food diary can help people lose weight and watch their eating—even if they do nothing else—it's a worthwhile addition to an already highly personal app. Depending on what you tell BodBot you want to do (lose weight, gain muscle, enhance cognitive ability, etc), it'll suggest different foods and nutrient levels in your diet for your desired goal. Then it's just a matter of doing the workouts on the "train" side of the app, and eating well on the "eat" side of the app. Hit the link below to check out the update and grab the latest versions. As always, BodBot is free.